How We Create Meaning

Filters Create Pictures.
Better Filter. Better Picture.


The Difference Between Happy and Depressed. Stress and Passion. Love and Pain.

is this simple…


It’s not what happens outside. It’s what happens inside of you that matters the most…
Now would you want to learn how to change it?

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We have each day. We have a day. And then in a day everything can change. That day can change the next few days to the next few years. A day.


Just a day crazy. You never know who you’ll meet, what you do, and what you’ll be because when you think you’ve got a little piece of sureness together, life hits you. With a tap or a slap or a trap and sometimes some crap. But it will be always be for you.

Dissecting “Paris”

That Feeling.

They’ve taken the world by the neck with songs that just stick. With sick beats and lyrics that pull on your heartstrings, hits have come rolling of their fingertips.

The Chainsmokers for you.


This song’s got a story.  It pulls me and you’re like me, let’s shed some light on this mystery.

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Cultivating a Sense of Humour

For anyone who loves a laugh and those who make you laugh

Writing Creative Nonfiction

Tuesday, March-18-14


By Dave Hood

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh.—W.H Auden

A woman wakes up, reads the bad news in the paper, listens to classical music, and worries about her finances. She drives to work and begins her stressful job as a manager for a high-pressured corporation. Throughout the day, she doesn’t smile or laugh. Instead, she is focused on completing a project, which will earn her compliments. When she turns home, she watches the news and serious documentary on television, and then goes to bed exhausted, listening to a serious talk show on the threat of war. She wonders why her life is so serious, lacking in pleasure. She’s unaware that her quality of life and well-being could be improved by developing a sense of humour.

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Primal Push-Ups

The Original Push-ups x The Only 5 You’ll Really Need.

Like people, there are more than 1 kind of push-up.

But it all came from one. Then he split up to 5 variations. It all came from this family. The God Father Of Push ups.


Here are all the push ups you’ll ever need. Because every moment came from these original 5. Legit squad goals.


*List Below

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Wandering Australia. 10.31.16.

Looking Back At The State Of Being Born Again In Travel

As I was sitting on this gritty, but good enough fold-able chair facing this beach side feels next to this old ship of rust I found a snippet of16229926_1191214760914498_1384460198_o peace.

It was silent,

peaceful, and

gentle happiness.





On this ride I won’t ever forget.

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“Hope is a Beggar and Faith Leaps Over It.” – Jim Carrey X Emily Dickinson

Modelling Emily Dickinson Poetic Style On Rhyme (kinda) and Themes While Mixing Their Messages

“Dickinson was experimenting with the form and structure of the poem. Many of her innovations form the basis of modern poetry.” – Sparknotes

She is a a literary icon. For transforming poetry, creating it anew with her own flavor.

And Jim’s the guy who makes us laugh. At the same time gifting us the freedom from worry. That’s something…

In his commencement speech here. He left each graduate a gift. One we can enjoy too.


A poem I made mixing both…

If a fire was raging

And we call on hope

In that building

We become the beggars pope

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